Thursday, September 06, 2007

Celeb spotting in NYC

Today while standing outside my work-building near Union Square having a smoke, I spotted Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, rolling their twin-baby-stroller right by me on 5th Avenue! (I initially had no idea it was either Elvis Costello, or Diana Krall--- they both looked short and frumpy and non-attractive... at first I looked at them just as I'd glance around at anyone... And then I did a double-take. I still wasn't sure it was them, but noted the stroller for twin babies... When I went back inside, I did a search on the Internet for the kids o' Costello... Sure 'nuff, he and Krall had had twins last year!) BTW: Krall has been positioned as being a diva-in-the-making... uh, NO.

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Beth Austin said...

While comparing celebrity spotting at work, I was informed by a New Yorker that my Elvis Costello/Krall spotting was an "excellent" sighting! Whereas my spotting of last season's "Top Chef" runner-up, Ilan, at the subway stop, doesn't really count!

My current roommate actually saw Johnny Depp walking around midtown by himself weeks ago ("more than excellent"). My former roommate saw Mary Stuart Masterson at a bar last month. (For "Fried Green Tomato" lesbian fans, that might be a big deal, but it's actually not too excellent. Especially since she's a has-been AND had an entourage with her.)

One of my co-workers was laughing about a friend of hers, a big PBS watcher. He was always going on about seeing David Halberstam!