Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doris Day By Night

I love it. It's my blog and those of you who come here of your own volition also just have to subsequently read my weird "sex dream" stuff! heh-heh! ;P

Anyway, in my dream Tuesday night, DD and I weren't really having actual sex. But we were both young women who were together, at a party with older people (maybe on a boat), including parents and friends of parents. What I remember most vividly is that at one point I started running my left hand up girlfriend Doris's leg in an admiring fashion. (I was sitting below her while she was standing.) I was paying all mental attention to her and her leg, but then I realized to my horror that I had unconsciously been simultaneously running my RIGHT hand up the hairy leg of one of her father's creepy friends. I hadn't realized what I was doing with said right hand until the guy (55-ish, red-complected, puggish nose) started chortling and looking around in a self-satisfied manner, with people noticing... I remember thinking, "Oh shit! What in the world have I been doing!" and then grabbing Doris to go into another room so I could explain things to her. Things would just be OK once I talked to her. Which they were. But then her parents started knocking on the door. We had to let them in. Earnest conversation which went on forever and ever. I just was CRAVING being alone with Doris. And then we finally got rid of that family group. Only to have some of MY family members then knock on the door... I remember giving them much shorter shrift ("You've got to GO!"), since I'd already been through the much harder round and didn't have the patience for another minor round... Once they left, the room changed to a nightclub filled with odd-looking men, and Doris coming on to many of them, leaving me sitting by myself...

Still, the vibes were overall very good, though. I remember being tense wondering when all the family members would get the fuck out of the room, but I wasn't tense when "Doris" was flirting later (unlike my real-life self would have most likely been in that situation). I woke up then feeling happy, and initially couldn't remember who I'd been dreaming about! I knew I'd had a nice sex dream and ran down a list of potential subjects: Joan Crawford, Julie London, some real-life women, etc. Nope... Finally, when I was walking out to the bus-stop, it hit me... Doris Day! I'm not obsessed with her, but her vocals on her "Day by Night" album ARE sexy as hell, and I've been missing it greatly (left my copy at my first roommate's).

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Beth Austin said...

Sunday, September 30:

Another weird Doris Dream. My roommate had some friends over Saturday night. They woke me up early Sunday morning, around 7am. Around then, I found "Pillow Talk" on TV and watched it for awhile before I fell back asleep.

My latest Doris Dream: Doris was my MOTHER. And she was living in New York City and told me she had just bought a loft on 3rd Avenue. (I'm new to New York City---I don't know what "a loft on 3rd Avenue" means.) When she took me to the place, I remember trying to walk upstairs and being unable to negotiate the platforms up there. You couldn't easily get from room to room, every step literally precarious, having to jump across beams.

I remember looking out the room windows, trying to see if people were being "loud" outside. The neighborhood was, indeed, a bit sketchy.

I remember wondering why "my mother" bought a place in this neighborhood. It was a nice, "rich-seeming" place, but with an element of weirdness.