Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Incredible Power of Projection

"Not so easy, that one. Let's see - obviously he would love to be a starlet himself, and most of the best hairdressers and make-up artists don't like[read: prefer] women - many men in the business envied/adored women because they couldn't be [glamourous] female stars themselves. Next best thing would be to detect and correct 'errors' in starlets, I guess. The incredible power of projection at work."

OK, before the person that wrote that gets utterly freaked out that I copied it here... The actual reason I'm copying it here is 'cause I miss talking to you. Stuff that's so obvious yet subtle hardly ever gets said, yet I think it and you are able to express it, and I miss arguing about it and floating along in it afterwards.

But as I get older, I realize that my desires are often projected. I want something/someone SO MUCH, and so "they must want me too." Not so. Someone once said that New York City is the city for getting over someone. I believe it. Though it's not as clear-cut in the Age of the Internet, when reminders of another's thought processes are there every day, if you are weak enough to want to still seek them out.

Aside from the above late-night philosophical stuff, in reality there're the (below) public online exchanges between the one you want and her own pick that you have to look at:

i love you more:))

etc. etc.

I may be outraged at the dumbness, but that's my problem to get over.

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