Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jesus H. Christ

This kind of thing is horribly ridiculous. I've been living with my new roommate for a month now, after 5 months of being with a completely psychotic roommate who kept coming into my room night after night... (I didn't leave THAT place immediately because I didn't have the money. Finally, after one particularly horrible night, I begged my mom for money, which she sent.) The new roommate (a butch lesbian) seemed completely normal and "sane." Tonight, though... A female friend of hers came over and started completely dissing me, in my face, saying dumb teenage stuff like, "You wanna fight?" Where the fuck that came from, I have no idea, but my TEXAS then kicked in: "Yeah, I'm from TEXAS, I DO WANNA FIGHT, you creepy, drugged-up bitch..." (My roommate had told me earlier that this particular friend was manic-depressive and on meds.)

I would have LOVED to have actually fought with her and punched her in her idiotic face. My personal thing is, I don't physically fight or look for fights without provocation. But WITH provocation... you bet, no problem. Bring it on, you stupid piece of shit... I would have punched her in a second, had not my roomate pulled the "guest" away. (Incredibly, later in the evening, this same idiot called me 4 times on my cell phone.)

The whole thing is completely idiotic. I'm only involved in this 'cause I moved to NYC and didn't have much choice of where I could live. And so subsequently have to deal with these fucking freaks... I'm completely amazed by all of this... Why am I fucking involved in any of this? It amazes me that such shitty people are anywhere near my life.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand; how did she get your cell phone number??

Beth Austin said...

Obviously, my roommate gave it to her. I think the roommie was secretly flattered that the woman was acting so crazy.