Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Hamilton-Burr Duel

I read about this as a kid, in the book "Burr" by Gore Vidal. (Yes, I was reading books like that when I was 10.) And then, once I got to the NYC area at age 40, read more about it... Today I finally visited the New Jersey site, across the Hudson from Manhattan, where the two actually fought. It was interesting to me to see the Manhattan skyline circa 2007, then imagining it circa 1804, at the time of the duel.
Only the very tip of Manhattan Island would have been "filled in," the view across the Hudson for Hamilton and Burr in 1804, nothing but trees...

Thanks to Paul and Paul for taking me on a tour. I've been so bereft of any good feelings recently, thinking everything was my fault... It was so nice to walk around with you guys, strangers to me until today, and talk and talk...About relatively bullshit stuff like liking Joan Crawford, and then also about stuff like what it felt like to die, and to love God... In your everyday life, you usually don't get that kind of sustenance... Even if I don't see you guys again (and I hope I will), it was neat to meet you. What we did today in a couple of hours was exactly how I'd like to fall in love with somebody of my own. (I.e., drinking vodka first in honor of Joan and then just because...talking about everything under the sun, visiting landmarks...) You guys are special.

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