Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bus etiquette

On the bus from Jersey into Manhattan this morning: There's a whole etiquette involved about getting off the bus. I.e., people in the back of the bus often try to rush up to the front when it's time to get off, though they're not supposed to. (The cool thing is to let the people in the seats ahead of you get up and get off first.)

Today, I was on such a bus, and at the end of the line, a guy behind me in the aisle was about to push ahead of me... so I got in front of him, as I should have... but then I apparently accidentally pushed against a chick in front of me with my big-ass bag. She wheeled around and said, "Why are you pushing me? Stop pushing me!" I apologized profusely: "I'm sorry; excuse me!" But the chick wouldn't let it go: "You're pushing me, why are you pushing me..." I finally got fed up---"I SAID 'I'm sorry.' I SAID 'Excuse me'----What the fuck else do you want me to say??"

She shut up and got off the damn bus, as I did. Goddamn. Morning Drama.


Pam said...

You're wrong. The people standing up get off the bus first. What are people sitting down suppose to do - barrel over the people standing up to get off the bus first??? It makes no sense. It just shows that you're not from a big city.

Anonymous said...

Oh - so God didn't come to your rescue? I'm so sorry, Dear. *gloating* - since I have to spell it out to ya! ;)

Mike said...

*Flashback to my memories riding the 163 to Manhattan as well.*

With people like that, I always told them to shut the fuck up and get a car. I hated the people who thought they OWNED the bus, and also the ones who would press the button to get off only ten feet away from where the bus had prviously stopped.

If it is a nice day, why not walk a little more? Have you been the unfortunate person stuck next to the person who doesn't know that there are showers in this modern country?

Beth Austin said...

To Pam: You missed the point. The guy behind me had been sitting, further behind me on the bus. He wasn't standing the whole time, just stood up at the end so he could jump ahead of everyone else. Since my row of seats was ahead of his, I got up in front of him---fair enough!

To Anonymous Julie... Yes, please do "spell it out to me"!...HUH?? Spell WHAT out? Dumb people on blogs whose comments make no sense are really annoying, just like dumb people on buses.

To Mike: Regardless of nice days, etc., I AIN'T gonna walk through the Lincoln Tunnel to Manhattan! ;p

Good lord...

Mike said...

No New York dedication AT ALL! (*kidding*) I should have been more specific, I meant on the way home, but that is just me. I was going through more suburban areas, Weehawken is a city, right?

Beth Austin said...

HULLO, MIKE! You so-called Joisey-Boy! YES, "Weehawken" is a city! A very cute little city of only 10,000 people bordered by the big bullies Hoboken and Union City, but a city nonetheless! ;p

It sits right at the end of the Lincoln Tunnel connecting Jersey to New York. (So, NO, even walking HOME through the Lincoln Tunnel ain't gonna work!) ;p

BTW, just watching the local Jersey news: The names of the towns around here are cute! "Weehawken" is the cutest, of course, but then there's also "Cheesequake"! (CHEESEQUAKE! That's just precious!) And "Teaneck," etc.