Sunday, October 14, 2007

"I would love to try your no-shampoo"

There's something pretty sad about some Pisces. (The so-called "dust-bin of the Zodiac.") I never thought that about the sign, but I must say I'm beginning to, based on the two Pisces I've come to know well in the past couple of years.

First, there's the mess of this:

"And thank you for forgiving me the other day. I am not balanced these days; I may feel hurt or jealous or very sad, but I'm not evil, not at the core. But some of the things I have done have been vicious: I am not proud of them. I know I'll never speak to M. again; I have accepted that. Btw, I would love to try your no-shampoo, only conditioner trick. Would you be so kind as to give me a detailed, really detailed description as to how to do it? Thanks in advance. (Your hair is beautiful and you have a beautiful body - I used to be a nurse once - but I was never formally trained. I like you, you don't have to like me.)"

BTW: What the innocent recipient of the above message didn't know is that the sender used to be, not a nurse, but a psychiatric patient. Nothing wrong with that, but... Just say you were a patient and not a nurse. Or else don't say anything at all. And, don't act like conditioning is of the utmost importance. And, most importantly, don't ever say "I like you, you don't have to like me" after revealing something as stupid as you think conditioning without shampoo is really great. Yeah, you're going to make a non-judgmental friend that way... a friend who's as retarded and shallow as you are!

And then there was the wacky mess the other day of Pisces Neily claiming: (1) F. Scott Fitzgerald was best known for his TV work (!) and (2) that he (Neily) knew all about sports, i.e., the history of the Yankees, Sox, Cowboys, Patriots, when in fact his own boyfriend came online in response and said Neil knew nothing at all about sports.

My head reels at the constant annoying blah-blah-blah of people who have no idea what they're talking about it.

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