Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nagasaki: Deserved... Be Grateful

I just saw a post on another blog about the tragedy of Nagasaki. In short, Nagasaki never would have happened if Japan had not first bombed the US's Pearl Harbor. It's hard to believe that people forget what caused the Nagasaki destruction.

For light-weight people from light-weight neutral countries like Norway, it might be hard to imagine what would inspire other countries to war. Thank god for the hard-core UK and the US in WWII. If it were up to the Norway mentality, Europe would all be a part of the Third Reich right now. No way the US would have followed that passive path---The US has a history of guts and a bunch of incredibly hard-ass men---too bad the north-east men have forgotten their original role in this country's founding.

That said, countries like Norway (and France, come to think of it) are a joke. Acting all holier-than-thou at the time, sacrificing nothing, but then wanting to gain the spoils of war afterwards.


Anonymous said...

You're half-German - aren't you? :p

Beth Austin said...

Hell yes, I am! Hitler was psychotic. I'm extremely glad he lost the war. That still doesn't change my opinion of the fact that I'm darn glad the US struck back, and struck back hard, at Japan after they attacked us.

Hitler shouldn't have attached Russia, and Japan shouldn't have attached the US. Each got what it deserved.

As for the "flickr" link you provided: That guy "nyctreeman" who hosts the site is a right-wing idiot. Not like FDR?! I thank god for FDR and his concern for the poor of the US.

Beth Austin said...

I forgot to state clearly above: Hell, yes, I'm half-German and half-Texan.

Not to be mean, but I'd be embarrassed if I were half-Norwegian and half-Iowan, for instance...though I do admire those residents' contemplative abilities.