Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Self-serving family members

Last Sunday one of Joan Crawford's twins, Cynthia, died. Her daughter-in-law sent me a message about her passing, along with information about where to send donations, which I posted on my Joan site.

Another Joan webmaster, with a close connection with one of Joan's grandsons, was perplexed that I had "somehow" gotten the information before he did. He invented a story about how the grandson had already had the information but that he, the webmaster, hadn't posted it because he was so sensitive to "the family's needs." Uh-huh.

As it turned out, the grandson didn't know about his own aunt's death because he hadn't been in touch with any of his family members, including his own mother. His mother was notified immediately of her twin's death, as were other family members and close family friends, including "Aunt Betty"---Joan's personal secretary when she was alive. The grandson's own mother didn't even tell her son about his aunt's passing. He had to read the news first on my website.

Now, he's trying to milk his aunt's dying just as he's been trying to milk Joan Crawford's memory. Here's his latest message from the Casey website:

"Casey would like to extend this message to the numerous Joan Crawford fans that he received thoughtful emails from:

'I have received many supportive letters regarding Cindy's passing in the past few days. My family and I thank the fans who have taken the time to send their regards.'


Casey and I thought it would be best if the PRIVATE letters from the fans regarding the death of his aunt, Cindy, not be posted to the site but rather sent to everyone privately that expressed his or her condolences."


Since the grandson wasn't notified of his Aunt Cynthia's death, even by his own mother, it seems a bit odd to me that now he's seeking to have condolences sent to HIM. His attempt to feed off of his famous grandmother's memory is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

God wants you to be happy, not angry - or have you all of a sudden lost touch with his divine grace? You are the most hypocritical, vengeful and by far SADDEST person I've had the dubious pleasure to come across. You are a locust, and will always be one. I feel sorry for your room-mate when you start acting like yourself. You just can't handle being treated well.

Mike said...

Stephanie, did we ever need to question that the guy was a phony and publicity whore?

At least solid truth comes out now. But I was just thinking, would it really be you who would be getting spit in the face by Joan?

I just love the way all the information about Jojo's, I mean Grandma Crawford's grandson has been exposed.

I just thought of the way Norma made her grandchildren call her "Miss Shearer" when she visited them TWO times....

Beth Austin said...

The above cracks me up! I'd mentioned in an earlier post about feeling grateful to God for getting me through this transition from Austin to NYC... and now all of a sudden, Julie finds "God" in her response to me!

How in the world does Julie know anything about "divine grace"?? She's more than a bit shallow. I doubt that she's spent any time at all in her past 40-odd years ever thinking about anything other than eyeliner! :)