Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank god for Pathmark!

After 6 months of schlepping among tiny mom-and-pop grocery stores in Manhattan, I was ecstatic to discover a huge, PROFESSIONAL grocery store, Pathmark, once I ended up living in Weehawken, Joisey. Seriously, I've heard so much PC propaganda about the value of the "little stores" (especially when I lived in San Fran in the '90s)... but the truth is--- those little grocery stores are usually incredibly over-priced and have a sparse selection and the fruit/vegetables aren't the freshest. So, tell me... what's attractive about that, except intellectually? For stuff to work, it's got to work in actuality, not just fantasy. In actuality, this Pathmark store a couple of blocks away from me is amazing. (Well, no, not "amazing," exactly---it just has a lot of stuff, which I appreciate greatly.) I can get the exact baby-dill pickles that I want (near impossible to find in Manhattan), and refried beans (also near impossible to find in Manhattan, even in the Dominican neighborhood that I used to live in). And the entire fruit/vegetable section is fresh---I guess 'cause this major chain can afford to have new stuff brought in regularly, rather than having stuff sit there for a week or however long...

The PC-folk who moan and groan about "the demise of the mom-and-pop stores" really need to take a look at why those shops are in demise. If the bigger chains do the same thing better, then that's what matters. Who wants to pay more for lower quality?


Mike said...

If you can, get a card for Costco or BJ's. I'm sure you've heard of them before, if you haven't, ask your roomate. They are truely AMAZING.

That is where most of the little stores get their products from, for the CHEAP PRICES.

(But get the fruits/deli meats and all the stuff that is better fresh from Pathmark.)

Beth Austin said...

Well, I haven't heard of "BJ's" before, but with Costco, you have to buy in bulk, right? While I guess the household could use 50 rolls of toilet paper, I'm not sure about 100s of steak fingers! :)

I'll ask the roomie, though. He actually did mention, when I first moved in, about going to SOME place to get a few bulk items for the house.