Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big in Norway

On Tuesday December 11, the stats for this blog showed that one particular IP number in Norway had visited this site 8 times in one day! ;p (Sorry, honey, but I'm not that prolific...Merry Christmas to you. And what a cute hat!) :)


Anonymous said...

I Surrender, Dear. It was no good fighting you. Clearly we belong together. I'll be good to you. When you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you. (I'll always be your senior, in years :)

Beth Austin said...

Honey, you're being facetious, but still, there's some truth in it.

You are my senior in years. And I admire your thought-processes much more than mine. (A long time ago I called you "magical," and I meant it. I'm "smart" but you're both smart and magical / transcendant...the latter I can identify but not ever be...)

Yet, my Leo is always going to get irritated with your Pisces. As "magical" as I think you are, I also have some dull, old-fashioned standards...Loyalty, for one. As much as I like your free-floating thought processes, ultimately, I want/need someone who stands up for me when the chips are down.

When it came down to it, you chose to help my rival. You could have remained neutral, but instead you went out of your way to hurt me instead. Why?

Beth Austin said...

It's easy to detect that Zach is a happy and healthy child. You, Neil, and your partner are obviously wonderful parents. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ;)

-Julie Lindberg.


Ewwww. "Julie Lindberg" is actually a 45-year-old gay guy who lives in Norway with his parents. I was initially (back in 2000) attracted to "her" online. But now that "she" is coming on to the creepy Kneel, and admiring his parenting skills... There's nothing more creepy.