Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas at Tiffany's

A week ago it was raining and slushing like mad in Manhattan, but for some reason I just had to complete my Christmas shopping THAT day. (I'd done the shopping for everybody else in my fambly, and all I had left was the Mom.)

The woman has given me thousands of dollars to help me out since I moved here, and I wanted to get her something expensive and nice AND evocative of NYC (per my whole "NYC" theme for all of my family members this year). Tiffany's!

The day was a rainy mess, and I had no idea what to expect when I got to Tiffany's. (Will the doorman and salespeople be snobbish?) As it turned out, both NYC and the Tiffany's doormen were prepared for both tourists and neophytes and bad weather. When I arrived at the entrance, the doorman took my umbrella and encased it in plastic for me as he welcomed me to the store.

Once inside the store, I first started looking at the jewelry and asking about what I liked... Turned out that most of what I liked was about $2900 or $5100!...After a bit of this, I finally decided to be real and ask about items within my price range. The neat thing was that the salesperson didn't mock me at all--Once I stated my lowly top price range, my salesperson very professionally started taking me around to various counters to view what I wanted to afford. Asking me to try things on, etc. She spent a good half-hour with me, though I'd told her outright that I had under $500 to spend!

In short, I felt wet and slushy and crappy coming in to Tiffany's, but despite my decrepitude, everyone there was phenomenally nice to me and made me feel like a high-roller. And I got my mom something beautiful that she'll like---with the iconic Tiffany's box to encase it in.

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Beth Austin said...

When I arrived in San Antone on Christmas Eve, I had to immediately go hide in my mom's bedroom to wrap all of the gifts that I'd bought. When I emerged, my sis-in-law saw the Tiffany's bag and said, "Ooh-la-lah! Where'd you get that swanky bag?" HULLO!! ;p