Sunday, December 30, 2007


For Christmas, I got all the boys in my family a "Weehawken Indians" hoodie. (And those cool Spiderman mittens on Townes are also courtesy of me!)

BTW: Townes still liked me best, after 10 months! My brother and Townes picked me up at the San Antonio airport on Monday the 24th. Townes was cool at first, "Do I know you?" Hell yeah ya do, Mister! ;p By dinner time, he was asking to sit by "Aunt Steffie" just like in the old days! And when my brother and family had to leave for the other grandma's house on Christmas day, Townes asked, "Is Aunt Steffie going with us?" My mom also told me later: When I was off in her bedroom suite taking a shower, Townes stood outside the door, asking "Where's Aunt Steffie?" "She's taking a shower, honey." "Oh...When is she coming out?" "In just a second. Don't bug her,now." "OK." [continued vigil by door] : )

My littler nephew, Tavo, is only 2 and can't speak in complete sentences yet, but he loved the sound of the word "Weehawken"! Whenever all the boys had their sweatshirts on, everyone around was saying "Weehawken" and he picked up on it... He had a roll-y ball and he started throwing himself on it, yelling out "WEEHAWKEN!" each time! : ) (That's the thing about some of these Jersey town names---they're cute as hell!) :)

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three__thousand said...

Matching Weehawken tees -they rival the Letty Lynton gowns, right? I think it's funny, though. You came here looking for life in the Big Apple, and in a way, I think you're even luckier where you are now.

You'll love it there in the summer, being able to cath a bus on beautiful day and just hang out in Central Park and the Villiage.