Monday, January 14, 2008

Gateway NYC

New York City, I like a lot. A whole lot. It's magical. For the first 41 years of my life I was living in places that were either "dull" or "pleasant" or (in Austin's and San Francisco's cases) "wanna-be"s that didn't come close to actually being or else lived off of past reputations---as provincial in their ways as Azle or Iowa Park, Texas.

New York is stunning in and of itself, but also a gateway and introduction to anything else in the world.

New York is preparing me mentally for the rest of the world. Being here has been a test, for sure. (Well, "officially" a test---the actual mental tests haven't been that hard! The idiotic roommates in the beginning were so blatantly ridiculous that I never even questioned myself. The job search---eh, anywhere's going to be like what I went through... What I had been worried about when going from Austin to New York was going into a "foreign land"---and, as it turned out, my thought processes were 10 steps beyond Austin and still 2 steps beyond New York... Which made/make me feel comfortable here. And ready for the next step.)

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