Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hillary '08

The greatest election year in modern history. I'm for Hillary Clinton. I like all of the three biggies---Clinton, Obama, Edwards---but since their positions are so relatively interchangeable, I'm going for Clinton because of her intelligence and competence and because I'd like to see a woman President.

Barack Obama---He's been a senator for only two years now and, while being an inspirational speaker for "change," has done nothing to actually promote real "change." He hasn't earned his keep yet.

John Edwards---I like his emphasis on how this country has been corrupted by big corporations. As Edwards has pointed out, nearly everything wrong with America now is a result of the big corporations' undue influence: shoddy health care, jobs going overseas, global warming, our reliance on oil (now at $100 a barrel).

In the New Hampshire debate on Saturday, Edwards strategically went off about how he and Obama were for "change," whereas Clinton wasn't... Clinton angrily responded that she'd been working for "change" for 35 years, whereas the others had just been TALKING about it. Very true. I like Obama a lot and would vote for him in the general election, but...while Obama talks a good game, he hasn't actually DONE anything at all. Hillary's been in the trenches for, as she said, 35 years, and has gotten all the knocks and bruises to show for it.

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Mike said...

Any one of the three you mentioned would be fine, but I think Hillary would be the best one to stand up to the slime machine that the republicans are sure to unleash.