Thursday, January 10, 2008


This past Tuesday, primary night in New Hampshire, I got home from work and then parked myself in front of the television to await the election results from the Democratic primary. Barack Obama had been predicted to win by 10-12 points. And I wanted Hillary Clinton to win. I like Obama a lot---he's charismatic and well-spoken as hell. But he's only been in the Senate for two years. And he's done nothing.

I sat there for 6 hours, not daring do move until the results were in. Thank goodness Hillary won.

Maybe back when I was 18 I'd go for "Change!" as a message, but now, as an older woman, I am inclined to ask, "What, exactly, are you talking about?" It's obvious that after 8 years of George Bush's incompetency in matters of both foreign and domestic policy, change is needed. But where does Obama get off suggesting that Hillary Clinton hasn't paid her dues and worked for change?

As a side note, it's humorous to me to read of a 30-something blogger attempting to comment on the current presidential race, while saying he's never voted before in his life. Huh? You're in your 30s and have never voted before? And you think you have anything to say about US presidential politics?

My mom's childhood scrapbook for me says that when I was three (in 1968), I'd stop whenever Richard Nixon was on TV to watch him... When Nixon resigned in '74, I remember I was 9 years old and living in Georgia; I sent him a heartfelt letter saying how sorry I was.

In '76, I was still Republican, wearing a "President Ford" button to my 6th-grade class. (I remember my nice math teacher calling on me to answer a question: "Let's let the Little Republican answer this one." Got it right, Mr. Sarcastic! ;p)

In 1980, I was 15 and still Republican. For my English class, I created a whole bulletin board in honor of Ronald Reagan.

By college in 1983, I'd utterly converted. As a freshman in college, I was Vice President of "Students With Hart," the University of Texas faction for Democrat Gary Hart. I got to greet Hart at the airport and shake his hand and I drove in his motorcade---the Democratic pollster Pat Caddell was in my car. I absolutely hate to drive, yet I got to drive in a major presidential candidate's motorcade! ;p

Thinking back to who I've voted for since I was 18 and first got to vote:

1984: Mondale/Reagan --- Mondale (though I supported Hart in the primaries)
1988: Bush/Dukakis --- Dukakis
1992: Clinton/Bush/Perot --- Clinton
1996: Clinton/Dole/Perot --- Perot (Clinton had it sewn up anyway and he was going off on dumb stuff like "school uniforms.")
2000: Gore/Bush --- Gore
2004: Kerry/Bush --- Kerry

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