Saturday, February 09, 2008

19 and D'OH!

I've been away from the Internet for the past week, but let me just say that I'm somewhat heartened by the goings-on in the world in my absence...

RE the Superbowl: Can't say that I was a New York Giants fan, since they're in the Dallas Cowboys' NFC East conference. Since I grew up with the Cowboys, I can't ever be a true Giants fan, even while here in NY.

However: YEAH, BABY! Mighty congrats to the Giants for being excellent enough to fuck up the long string of Patriots hype. (I loved reading that the "19-0" t-shirts printed up ahead of time by the Patriots had to be shipped to Central America post-Superbowl.) I was lying on the couch, watching the game dispassionately, hoping the Giants would win, but not expecting that they would... And then... GODDAMN! As soon as Manning made that crazy pass to David Tyree...

This past Tuesday, NYC had a parade for the Giants, which they hadn't had for their previous SuperBowl victories. When I was on the subway going to work on Tuesday morning, Giants fans in their jerseys were crowding the cars, heading in to the city parade. I had my camera with me, wanting to take pictures, but I ended up being too shy to. (Though when I asked my work people later: "Should I have taken pictures?", everybody said, "Of course---those guys wouldn't have cared.") Seeing the subway Giants fans gave me chills.

And then when I got to work and told my co-worker about the fun fans on the subway, he said, funnily/meanly: "You should have told them that they're the NEW JERSEY Giants and NOT the "NEW YORK Giants." (The team plays in New Jersey 'cause there's no room in Manhattan.) And he went on: "And they're not the WORLD champions. Nobody plays football but the United States." Yeah, yeah! :)


RE Super Tuesday: Happy to see Hillary take Massachusetts (after all of the Kennedy hype) and California (after all of the Kennedy/Oprah hype). Not to mention my new home-state of New Jersey, which Hillary took by 10 points after polls showed a tie. (When I arrived at the polling place, my address wasn't on their books, so I had to fill out a Provisional Ballot.)

The anti-Hillary commentary on MSNBC leading up to Super Tuesday (and after) has been incredible and ridiculous. I just today read online that MSNBC had gotten into trouble for saying on air that Clinton daughter Chelsea was "pimping" for votes by calling the SuperDelegates. (Honestly, every candidate "pimps" for votes. However, it's creepy when a network calls one candidate's daughter on it, while ignoring all other candidates and their kids. For instance, I just read in this week's "New Yorker" that all 5 of the Mitt Romney sons had a blog... They're now completely irrelevant since Romney's dropped out, but... I never heard any media outlet calling these clean-scrubbed Mormon boys "pimps" for their father.

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