Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm 42, and until now I've never bought my own dishes or glasses. Everything's always been handed off to me. Back in Austin, where I lived for 20 years, I had one set of plastic turquoise 1960-dishes from my parents, then a stoneware set that my mom gave to me one Christmas sometime in the '90s. My drinking glasses were a combination of "Superfriends" glasses from my youth stolen from my mom, plus an 8-piece set that the roommate of my first girlfriend gave me for Christmas back in the late '80s.

Once I arrived in NYC in 2007, I didn't have to buy any dishware initially, since all of my 3 roommates were stocked up. Since I got my own place on February 1 of 2008, though, I had nothing! When I first moved in, I went to the local supermarket, which had plates on sale for 50 cents apiece... At the time, I bought one plate, one glass, one cheap set of flatware... (and I had one glass bowl bought upon my arrival, back from when I was at my first roommate's place, trying to proclaim my independence).

Long story short (!): I just bought some damn dishes for myself! The flatware was cheap, as were the glasses, but I liked that they all had the weird "bubble theme" in common. (For some reason, there were bubbles galore in the handles of the flatware and ONE bubble in the base of the glasses.) And then I was just in a Pier One a block away from my work, where the "Urban Dot" dishes were on sale. Dots, bubbles, yadda yadda. I'd always wanted something like the "Urban Dot" dishes, yet, truth be told, food looks kind of unappetizing when set upon those multicolored plates! :)

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