Sunday, March 23, 2008

Geir Bjordal/Neil Maciejewski: CEASE AND DESIST

Public Notice regarding:
Geir Bjordal (aka "Julie Lindberg" of Norway);
Neil Maciejewski (of San Francisco):

Do not contact Stephanie Jones further online, whether through the Joan Crawford website ( or through the blog ( or through any other venue.

This is a public notice pursuant to a lawsuit filed in the State of New Jersey on March 21, 2008, by Stephanie D. Jones.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty hilarious considering I know how hard it is to sue someone (you) after all you have done to me. Stop acting all Miss Innocent. First, it costs mad money to sue someone. Second, if you sued me I have WAY more ammo on you and people that actually matter on my side. And lastly, you visit my blog and send negative comments religiously. Also all the nasty snide comments you leave on your Website that so many people have seem and take note of. You look foolish. Your a sorry example of a Joan fan - Many people have said this about you

Beth Austin said...

Thank goodness for East Coast liberal laws that protect the consumer.

Back when I lived in Texas, that state's Internet laws were non-existent. (And you did, indeed, have to have money to pursue a case.)

Now that I'm a New Jersey resident, I've discovered that Internet harassment is easily prosecutable through Jersey laws, and with public funding. All you've got to do is keep track of the messages and turn them in (and post a public notice requesting that the senders "cease and desist").

As of last month, I've been copying and pasting all of the harassing messages from Neil Maciejewski and Geir Bjordal/Julie Lindberg and forwarding them on to the state prosecutor's office, after advice from the Attorney General.


Anonymous said...

Well, one of the FIRST things that prove you’re a bold face liar is that the people you are prosecuting, you have to get a lawyer in the state where they reside. So you would have to get a lawyer in San Francisco or Norway to sue either Neil or “Julie.” I am a lawyer and a friend of Neil’s and I know you’re talking shit. I find you to be a coward. Oh, and with all that Neil has showed me – your emails and so forth, YOU should be scared.

Also, the piece you wrote on your Website about Cathy Crawford LaLonde and Charlotte Chandler was copied and sent to their lawyers as well. Even though it has been deleted off your site, a screen capture was taken and printed out. Good luck with that legal battle!

Beth Austin said...

Geir Bjordal, it's not "bold face liar," it's "bald-faced liar."

You're from Norway, and so your command of the English language isn't so good...

Nor do you know the U.S. Internet laws. As I mentioned earlier, the United States operates on a "state by state" basis. The state that I now live in, New Jersey, has very clear-cut "Internet harassment laws," thank goodness. None of which involve "having a lawyer in the country from which the harassment originates"! (Really, how dumb!)

What New Jersey law says is, I can collect evidence from e-mails sent to my New Jersey e-mail accounts. Which include anonymous (but logged) messages sent to this blog and my personal e-mail accounts. (Since I live in Jersey, every message that gets sent to me is logged in a Jersey account.)

I then post a public notice to "cease and desist." And after that, if the harassment persists, I can persecute. What I just did days ago is post the public notice.

Beth Austin said...

Just in case Geir doesn't get my above message of "stop contacting me in any way":

I've got your home address, Geir. If you continue to contact me in any way, then I WILL write a physical letter to your parents in Norway that includes print-outs of every bizarre and threatening and love-lorn message you've ever sent me. (I know that your father doesn't understand English so well, but your mom does. And she'll be able to understand everything perfectly.)

Since you've already sent MY father an e-mail, I have no qualms about sending your parents mail.

In short: Stop sending any e-mails to me whatsoever. None. I don't want to have to send your parents evidence of your past nuttiness, but I will the very second you e-mail me again.