Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pre-conceived notions

Saturday at work I got into a heated argument with a native Austrian (who'd been in NYC for over 30 years). He was arguing with someone else in the room and came up with, "Hunters, they shoot everything first and ask questions later. They're all crazy. They're in the news all the time with people they've shot."

Now, I grew up in a hunting culture. I absolutely don't agree with hunting for pure sport (which is nothing but sadistic). I also don't think there's anything wrong with hunting if you eat the game. (That's a lot more sane---killing and eating your own meat---than passively eating the mass-killed meat we all find in grocery stores.)

This guy, though, knew nothing about hunting or guns and was just mouthing off a pre-conceived liberal notion about "guns = bad." He hadn't thought anything out. Hadn't thought out why anyone might personally want to own a gun. (If an intruder entered your home, would you rather be able to kill the fucker or be killed yourself? I absolutely don't begrudge anyone the right to shoot someone who's intruded into their home or tried to rape or kill them.)

While I'm anti-hunting, I found myself almost yelling at the guy: "That's bullshit. You're just spouting stuff you've soaked up from the Northeast Liberal culture. 99% of hunters don't have shooting accidents." I actually said "Northeast Liberal culture." Sigh. I think I was right, but I'm also embarrassed about my terminology.

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