Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Tuesday 2

Oh god, the drama! And my bleeding-heart relatives in Texas! :) I was watching Texas/Ohio election results for hours tonight, then had to call home to Texas, knowing full well who everyone (Mom, brother, sis-in-law) was voting for---Obama. (My mom went to the caucus in San Antonio, where she was elected a delegate to the county convention. My brother was at the local caucus when I called, unable to leave after several hours because of the disorganization. My sister-in-law, whom I talked to when I called, said she'd hoped to get to the caucus herself after my brother came home...but it didn't look like he was coming home any time soon!

Sis wasn't/isn't a Hillary fan, mainly because she doesn't like her personality. As with my mom, I'm amazed by women who don't like Hillary. But I had this to offer my sis-in-law: Just think of the movie "Election." Remember how obnoxious the Reese Witherspoon character running for class president was? All of her overt trying-too-hard and campaigning? You started out hating her, but as the movie went on, started to realize that she really WAS the most qualified, and HAD worked the hardest, and didn't deserve the shaft she got! I think the movie "Election" is Hillary's campaign in a nutshell.

This just in from CNN as I write at 1:03am---Hillary wins TEXAS (!) as well as the earlier announced Ohio. Take THAT, obnoxious Chris Matthews from MSNBC! (Damn---I'm a lifelong Democrat, but listening to the anti-Clinton bias of Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Joe Scarborough on MSNBC lately has made me nauseous. I'm switching to CNN.)


Kilroy said...

The donating flowers on your Crawford site is pretty darn tacky. Who are you going to insult this year for not showing up? God?

Beth Austin said...

I forgot to mention above: My favorite nephew Townes has been brainwashed!! His kindergarten class had a poll about who they wanted for President... Everyone, except for two, voted for Obama! Sorry I couldn't have been close by to indoctrinate him into "Hillaryland"! :)

Beth Austin said...

RE: "The donating flowers on your Crawford site is pretty darn tacky. Who are you going to insult this year for not showing up? God?"

Wow... Since when did contributing flowers to Joan's grave become "tacky"?

Mike said...

Since it became the respectable thing to do right after Joan's death in May 1977. Unfortunately, no-class losers and jealous webmasters get pissed they didn't think of the idea.