Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Week in NYC and Politics

My favorite company name: "The Marquis de Sod" (seen while walking on 14th Street, on the back of a guy's windbreaker---apparently he's a member of a greenskeeping crew for a golf course!)

My favorite blurb this week in the New York Post: My girlfriend Lindsay's been hanging out with butchy DJ Samantha Ronsen for months now. The Post just reported this week that there was a dust-up at Greenwich Village's Beatrice Inn, when one of the Olsen Twins approached Ronsen in the club's DJ booth to say "hi." According to the Post, Lindsay then yelled at the poor girl: "Keep your skinny 15-year-old 'Full House' ass away from my girlfriend!" (Gotta love my girl Lindsay!) :)

In other "Gotta Love My Girl" news: Hillary. Pennsylvania. Drank a shot. Touted her working-class dad. Kicked ass.

Obama's got to realize: You don't win votes by saying Americans just like God and guns because they're "bitter." Believe it or not, most Americans really do believe in God and some Americans really do hunt---both primary/primordial things, not secondary "reactions" to some neurotic "feeling of discontent." Also, some Americans do feel offended when a candidate's preacher of 20 years proclaims "God DAMN America!" and when a candidate's wife says she's NEVER felt proud of America until her husband got some media attention. Not to mention how inane the generic message of "Change" sounds month after month without anything to back it up.

Obama's en route to being the McGovern of 2008. If he's nominated, he's going to get his bland, left-wing ass kicked in the general election.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dolly + Tammy, Merle + Tammy, doofus + Tammy

Thought I was past my recent Tammy Wynette fixation. But then came across this Dolly Parton/Tammy video...I like Dolly in general (as a good songwriter and singer and general good-natured person and country representative), but she's completely jittery here. The contrast in vibe between her "look-at-me!" spasticity and Tammy's calm is interesting. (BTW: Look at that dress Tammy has on! I'm used to today's stars, in such a hot dress, bumping and grinding or something...What a concept. To just look gorgeous in a dress and have someone contemplate how beautiful your... SHOULDERS are...)

And in other duets, there's this 1988 Merle Haggard appearance with Tammy Wynette at Wembley Stadium. I like Haggard, and his voice and history, a lot. He's an old-school roughhouser, and an old friend of Tammy's ex-husband George Jones. I love the contrast between the two of them here, and how the crowd cheers when Tammy first opens her mouth... (In recognition of how goose-bump-raising her voice is! Wow.)

And then here's something completely horrible... Jarring, like being used to seeing Joan Crawford at her '30s MGM height and then too-abruptly transitioning to one of her cheesy '50s pictures with a C-grade co-star. I'm amazed at Tammy's acting skills here with this stiff, blowhardy pre-Michael Bolton. To see how real singers interact together, watch the George/Tammy videos I posted earlier, and then even the brief Haggard/Tammy Wembley Stadium video. This guy, Mark Gray from 1984 or whenever, annoys me so much because he's generic and cheesy and he belts rather than sings. There's absolutely no "flow" or connection between them whatsoever. (Though she's being a pro and TRYING to look interested.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Julie London: King of the Road/Sway

While I've been YouTubely obsessing over Tammy Wynette recently, I kept feeling guilty for neglecting my absolute favorite female singer of all time, Julie London. "King of the Road" is by no means indicative of her usual style, but it's from one of her later albums ("Feeling Good"---1967, I think), after she had started to move away from her tighter jazz/big band sound into looser, "groove-y," "what-the-kids-are-into" music... I love her (intentionally) boozy, slurry vocals here, and the duet and song are cute, too.

Plus---that woman's FACE! Good lord. Maybe because it's spring; maybe because I don't have a girlfriend... but in recent weeks I've been especially blown away by how REALLY sexy some of these women (Joan, Lindsay, Calpernia, Tammy, Julie) are! No offense, but you 100% gay guys and 100% straight women are really missing out! ;p

And then there's "Sway," from her "Latin in a Satin Mood" album. Seven years ago, I fell in love with a girl over the Internet because she recommended this song to me and I absolutely loved it!

There are all those little extra "zings" that help seal the deal...

My first lover: I REALLY liked her furniture---1950s turquoise-and-black leather living-room sofa and chair; 1960s king-sized bed with a red-velvet headboard. While she had a cheap apartment, as soon as I walked in and saw her decorations, I knew I'd give her a chance!

My first male lover: His "Obsession" cologne was permeating the office one day. I had no idea it was him wearing it, but started goofing around aloud to my co-workers, saying, "WHO smells so good??" and going from office to office following the trail, until I discovered... it was the boss! Hello! ;p (Another cute thing was when we were at a school function, riding around on a golf-cart, just the two of us...He kept showing off and making sharp turns, which forced me to grab his thigh so I wouldn't fall off the cart. And all the while, making small-talk about religion!) ;p

The girl I was in love with in high school: She blew smoke in my face one day... (Now, that shouldn't encourage anyone else to try the same trick; 99% of the time, that's very obnoxious. In this one instance, however... It was movie-hot!) ;p

Oh, have I been digressing?! Here's "Sway"!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'80s Tammy Medley

Her first hit, "Apartment No. 9"; "D-I-V-O-R-C-E"; and "Stand By Your Man." (Note: In "DIVORCE," in the original single, she talks about her pseudo-kid "J-O-E." Here, however, she just spells out "G-E-O." Go figure. :)


I've always liked this Christina Aguilera song, but disliked it when seeing the video 'cause, while it was inspirational, it was also condescending: "All you old, gay, trans, punk FREAKS---nobody else loves ya, but I do!" Gee, thanks, Christina.

This is a video I found on YouTube, showcasing Calpernia Addams, by a friend of hers, with the accompanying Aguilera song...(At the end, how I'd love to be on the back of her bike!) :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Man With the Veil

I was working Saturday, smoking a cig outside the building. A big street guy walked by and came to a screeching halt in front of me:

STREET GUY: You'll put that out soon.
ME: Yeah, OK.
SG: No, you'll stop very soon.
ME [sarcastically]: Yeah, OK. I'll stop right now. It's bad for me. Thanks!
SG: You will stop smoking very soon. You will not be taken, like my 3 friends.
ME: [??]
SG: You will stop smoking completely.
ME: [??]
SG: I was born with a veil. I can see things. You will not die this way.
ME: You were born with a veil?
SG: Yes.
ME: Well, that can be a curse as well as a blessing.
SG: [looking genuinely puzzled] How a curse?
ME: What if you walked around and constantly picked up on really bad vibes from some people? What would you do?
SG: I'm protected. The spirit protects me. I'm not hurt.

[SG and I smile and part ways with a would-be handshake, except...I had a cigarette in one hand and a Coke in the other, so we two kind of knocked knuckles instead. He's Paul, I'm Stephanie, and we hope to meet again]

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tammy Wynette: Til I Can Make It On My Own

She's beautiful and sensitive. Her aura here is very "feminine." Or "yin." Or whatever you want to call it. Both boys and girls can have it, but it's very rare. I'm a woman, and I don't have it often, for instance, but I admire it greatly when I come upon it. (I'm talking about it stupidly, I know. Apologies.)

Tammy Wynette: Stand By Your Man, and Early George

Sunday, April 06, 2008

George and Tammy

I love both of their voices. And I love this song, and even more their interaction here together, 2 years after their divorce. They're still sexy together, still playing off each other (including Tammy's tear at the end, which George mocks---Tammy then gives him a LOOK and a slight shake of the head for mocking! There's all this STUFF going on!). Tammy was cute and cracking up at whatever GJ was doing throughout...(aka "still wants to jump him the second they get offstage")....

In "Near You," filmed during the same TV show:... I always wanted this George/Tammy song played at my wedding...

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I just "discovered" Calpernia Addams on the Logo network this month, in her show "TransAmerican Love Story" (in which a group of bachelors vie for her affections). After being initially annoyed that she couldn't have spelled "Calpernia" the right way ("Calpurnia" is the Roman name), I started getting into the show and liking it. It's near the end---only 3 guys left. Mike, the (seriously) dumb stud personal trainer; Jim, the female-to-male transsexual writer; Sean, the nerdy computer programmer who claims to be a "concert promoter." I like Sean the best, but he's un-sexy as hell. As is Jim. Before I learned that Jim was a FTM trans, I was watching him play clumsy, overly aggressive basketball, all the while proclaiming his immediate intense love for Calpernia. I thought, "What a bitchy little twerp." Ooops! I hadn't stopped to think, "U-Haul Lesbian!" Geez.

Calpernia's made out with Mike on the show and had a fun time hanging out with him in Vegas... The only problem is, while he's easy-going and sexy, he's also stoooooopid. Very stooopid. Though their chemistry is obvious. (Polls on the Logo network show that 43% think Jim is the best bet...I SERIOUSLY doubt that she would pick that little twerp!)

While watching one of the shows, Calpernia started crying because the boys were fighting over her, and she mentioned how she was a "psychic sponge" for everything around her... Oh, lordy. Normally, I would've thought that was ridiculous, then I thought, "Wait a second...She seems to be genuinely upset... Who else would be that upset but a Pisces?" Sure enough. I went to look her up on her website. Born on February 20. And on the show (which is supposed to be surfacely cheerful) she mentioned in passing, "Life with me would be like a roller coaster through a haunted carnival ride." LOVE that! Kind of like La Lindsay lying on the pavement with a pint in her hand, smiling... ;p