Friday, April 18, 2008

Julie London: King of the Road/Sway

While I've been YouTubely obsessing over Tammy Wynette recently, I kept feeling guilty for neglecting my absolute favorite female singer of all time, Julie London. "King of the Road" is by no means indicative of her usual style, but it's from one of her later albums ("Feeling Good"---1967, I think), after she had started to move away from her tighter jazz/big band sound into looser, "groove-y," "what-the-kids-are-into" music... I love her (intentionally) boozy, slurry vocals here, and the duet and song are cute, too.

Plus---that woman's FACE! Good lord. Maybe because it's spring; maybe because I don't have a girlfriend... but in recent weeks I've been especially blown away by how REALLY sexy some of these women (Joan, Lindsay, Calpernia, Tammy, Julie) are! No offense, but you 100% gay guys and 100% straight women are really missing out! ;p

And then there's "Sway," from her "Latin in a Satin Mood" album. Seven years ago, I fell in love with a girl over the Internet because she recommended this song to me and I absolutely loved it!

There are all those little extra "zings" that help seal the deal...

My first lover: I REALLY liked her furniture---1950s turquoise-and-black leather living-room sofa and chair; 1960s king-sized bed with a red-velvet headboard. While she had a cheap apartment, as soon as I walked in and saw her decorations, I knew I'd give her a chance!

My first male lover: His "Obsession" cologne was permeating the office one day. I had no idea it was him wearing it, but started goofing around aloud to my co-workers, saying, "WHO smells so good??" and going from office to office following the trail, until I discovered... it was the boss! Hello! ;p (Another cute thing was when we were at a school function, riding around on a golf-cart, just the two of us...He kept showing off and making sharp turns, which forced me to grab his thigh so I wouldn't fall off the cart. And all the while, making small-talk about religion!) ;p

The girl I was in love with in high school: She blew smoke in my face one day... (Now, that shouldn't encourage anyone else to try the same trick; 99% of the time, that's very obnoxious. In this one instance, however... It was movie-hot!) ;p

Oh, have I been digressing?! Here's "Sway"!

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