Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dolly + Tammy, Merle + Tammy, doofus + Tammy

Thought I was past my recent Tammy Wynette fixation. But then came across this Dolly Parton/Tammy video...I like Dolly in general (as a good songwriter and singer and general good-natured person and country representative), but she's completely jittery here. The contrast in vibe between her "look-at-me!" spasticity and Tammy's calm is interesting. (BTW: Look at that dress Tammy has on! I'm used to today's stars, in such a hot dress, bumping and grinding or something...What a concept. To just look gorgeous in a dress and have someone contemplate how beautiful your... SHOULDERS are...)

And in other duets, there's this 1988 Merle Haggard appearance with Tammy Wynette at Wembley Stadium. I like Haggard, and his voice and history, a lot. He's an old-school roughhouser, and an old friend of Tammy's ex-husband George Jones. I love the contrast between the two of them here, and how the crowd cheers when Tammy first opens her mouth... (In recognition of how goose-bump-raising her voice is! Wow.)

And then here's something completely horrible... Jarring, like being used to seeing Joan Crawford at her '30s MGM height and then too-abruptly transitioning to one of her cheesy '50s pictures with a C-grade co-star. I'm amazed at Tammy's acting skills here with this stiff, blowhardy pre-Michael Bolton. To see how real singers interact together, watch the George/Tammy videos I posted earlier, and then even the brief Haggard/Tammy Wembley Stadium video. This guy, Mark Gray from 1984 or whenever, annoys me so much because he's generic and cheesy and he belts rather than sings. There's absolutely no "flow" or connection between them whatsoever. (Though she's being a pro and TRYING to look interested.)


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Beth Austin said...

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