Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tammy Wynette: Til I Can Make It On My Own

She's beautiful and sensitive. Her aura here is very "feminine." Or "yin." Or whatever you want to call it. Both boys and girls can have it, but it's very rare. I'm a woman, and I don't have it often, for instance, but I admire it greatly when I come upon it. (I'm talking about it stupidly, I know. Apologies.)


Tammy said...

Are you getting married? What are you getting married to?

Beth Austin said...

As Kurt Cobain once said, before he blew his head off in a heroin-induced stupor: "I'd marry a goat if we got along."

A lot of people (both right/left, straight/gay/trans) find this hard to believe, but I really do believe that it ("it" = "soul connection") completely "depends on the person." So many people are with someone just because they're emotionally or sexually incapable of being on their own, or else they need a public partner for social situations. Just as, left-wingly, so many queer people are with someone because that person is "who they identify with." I consider myself a gay woman (80% attracted to women, 20% attracted to men), yet I think lesbian-icon "butches" like kd lang and Melissa Etheredge are completely unnattractive. I wouldn't mind hanging out with them, but they're not sexy to me in the least.

In short, I'm not ever going to be with someone/anyone just to be with them. I'm not lazy and dumb and weak like that. A smart, sexy, insightful goat, however... hell, yeah.

When I was a kid, I spent a whole lot of time out in the country, with no human companionship, other than the books my mom brought home from the library or the oldies station on the AM radio. At that young age, I knew enough to hate my circumstances, but I also learned to fish out what was good and pure about what I DID have, just as I learned to be discriminating about the bullshit.