Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Week in NYC and Politics

My favorite company name: "The Marquis de Sod" (seen while walking on 14th Street, on the back of a guy's windbreaker---apparently he's a member of a greenskeeping crew for a golf course!)

My favorite blurb this week in the New York Post: My girlfriend Lindsay's been hanging out with butchy DJ Samantha Ronsen for months now. The Post just reported this week that there was a dust-up at Greenwich Village's Beatrice Inn, when one of the Olsen Twins approached Ronsen in the club's DJ booth to say "hi." According to the Post, Lindsay then yelled at the poor girl: "Keep your skinny 15-year-old 'Full House' ass away from my girlfriend!" (Gotta love my girl Lindsay!) :)

In other "Gotta Love My Girl" news: Hillary. Pennsylvania. Drank a shot. Touted her working-class dad. Kicked ass.

Obama's got to realize: You don't win votes by saying Americans just like God and guns because they're "bitter." Believe it or not, most Americans really do believe in God and some Americans really do hunt---both primary/primordial things, not secondary "reactions" to some neurotic "feeling of discontent." Also, some Americans do feel offended when a candidate's preacher of 20 years proclaims "God DAMN America!" and when a candidate's wife says she's NEVER felt proud of America until her husband got some media attention. Not to mention how inane the generic message of "Change" sounds month after month without anything to back it up.

Obama's en route to being the McGovern of 2008. If he's nominated, he's going to get his bland, left-wing ass kicked in the general election.

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