Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Julie: "Methinks thou dost protesteth too much..."

Let's see... On Tuesday, May 6, you spent over 14 hours visiting this blog! (Really...get a job or something! Being a Norwegian trannie isn't really an excuse for not having anything else to do all day but troll around online!) ;p

Referring Link
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Country Norway
Region Oslo
City Oslo
ISP Lyse
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length Multiple visits spread over more than one day
Browser MSIE 7.0
Operating System Windows Vista
Resolution 1280x1024
Javascript Enabled
Navigation Path
Date Time WebPage

6th May 2008 09:41:44
6th May 2008 09:52:03 No referring link
6th May 2008 11:51:14 No referring link
6th May 2008 14:06:25 No referring link
6th May 2008 14:06:29 No referring link
6th May 2008 16:42:00 woman is dangerous blog&vc=&fr=yfp-t-501&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fp_ip=NO
6th May 2008 23:30:38 No referring link
6th May 2008 23:30:42 No referring link


Anonymous said...

i want to watch 10 black men gang rape you...

Beth Austin said...

Julie, since your own penis is now non-existent, I don't doubt that you would like to watch "10 black men" act as your surrogates! ;p (Sorry, hon, should have thought about that before having it chopped off.)

Mike said...

Stephanie, I'll love you forever for that insult. :)