Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lindsay, noooooooo!

I've always wanted Lindsay to come out, but...not like this! ;p

Ongoing Gal Pal Samantha Ronson has taken this thang way too far! LL here looks like a mean 40-year-old New York feminist about to go to a "Take Back the Night" rally! (This shot of the 21-year-old Lindsay was taken in NYC's Soho earlier this year.)

Under these circumstances, I hate to bring this up, but last night I really did have a pretty intense, bizarrely lesbian dream about LL... In which I was asking Dina Lohan for permission to marry her daughter! (God, this really is stupid and embarrassing---go ahead, MOCK!) It was a long, convoluted dream, but all that I remember was that Dina was asking about how I intended to support Lindsay, and I was explaining about how, regardless of the economy, there was always a market for copy editors!! And then Dina was asking about where we would live... I was telling her how cute my apartment here in Jersey was and that I paid $1500 a month for it, so it was really nice... Then Lindsay and her mom were smirking over my head! I remember looking back and forth between the two of them---I knew LL wanted to live in a better place, but I didn't want to seem like a freeloader... We ended up negotiating that I'd pay $1500 per month of whatever place we ended up living in---a place that would, of course, be just a tad better than the Jersey apartment! :)

Yeah, yeah, I know! Truly, I haven't been fantasizing about MARRYING Lindsay Lohan and trying to talk her into living in Jersey on a copy editor's salary! ;p

Though she is kind of my dream-girl, both looks-wise and based on how she says, "I'm like a coyote!" while scarfing down bacon from a diner's plate in "Just My Luck"...

(That movie's underrated, by the way! The plot's highly frothy, aka "dumb," but LL's line readings are great! Aside from the coyote-thang, I also had to laugh out loud at her "I can't complain" conversation---The boy in the movie has gotten her character his old crappy job at a bowling alley and asks her how it's going..."I can't complain." "Oh, you like it." "No, I mean I can't complain. They made me sign something.")

When I first woke up from the dream, though, I really was disappointed that it hadn't been real! All those nerve-wracking negotiations with Dina---for naught! :p

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