Sunday, May 04, 2008

Scared Rabbit, Part Deux

After my earlier query below about why some gay guys felt they couldn't function in the "regular world," I got some feedback from an old trans friend of mine. (Her "feedback" was basically along the lines of shrieking "you bitch--I made a voodoo doll of you!" Honey, sad-ass Pisces weak-craft doesn't do anything to Leos.)

But I'll go ahead and expand my original criticism to include trans folk. A particular post-op trans person that I know is in her mid-40s and still lives with her parents in a small town in Norway. Yet she talks constantly about how she's a "city cat" and how held back and stifled she is... Well, I can understand the identity crisis if you're a young person initially exploring your identity or if you simply can't afford to have the operation or afford to move...

This chick, though, has had the luxury of living in a socialist country (Norway) that granted her a totally free sex-change operation. And, both before and after the operation, gave her a government stipend to live on. She doesn't have to work a lick for the rest of her life.

That's great of Norway.

You'd think, though, that being completely supported financially by the government would enable you to break loose and do whatever you wanted to do and live wherever you wanted to live. If you're such a self-proclaimed "city cat," then why are you still living in a small town at home at age 46? (I corresponded with this girl for years online, and, in truth, she's just lazy. She likes living with her mother. She doesn't want to get a job.)

I completely understand people feeling afraid to venture out of their comfort zones. I've always been afraid of that myself. The difference with me, though, is that I've never blamed anyone else for my own discomfort. I've just bucked up and gone for it. It's boring and dumb as hell, though, to read about gay boys saying they can't get along in Reno (of all places) or to read about trans people saying they can't get along outside of their parents homes. These people play on liberals' sympathies, but in reality, they're just passive scared rabbits.

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Jon said...

Reno is actually a pretty big city and population center. If that's not big enough, or sophisticated enough for someone, I think they are just being snobs. I mean, if you are afraid of small towns, try something with a population less than 1000 and no cities for many miles. Don't use Reno as an example.