Thursday, May 01, 2008

Scared Rabbit

It remains amazing to me how some people are incapable of functioning outside of their little niche worlds.

For instance: I'm gay and from a small town in Texas, yet have always somehow managed to function in environments that (a) weren't gay, (b) weren't small-town or Texas.

I was just reading a very stereotypical ageing gay twink guy's blog. (By "stereotypical ageing gay twink" I mean that he's 30-something and balding but still has a '90s Pee-Wee Herman up-flip---as sported by the "gay" guy in "Best of Show" and the ageing Fred Willard in "For Your Consideration"---along with quite fluorescent teeth.) In the blog, he goes on about how everyone on his recent trip to Reno kept calling him gay.

Then he posts pictures of his Reno trip... Well, turns out he and his companions are all pasty guys with exactly matching Pee-Wee Herman haircuts and Madras shorts and exactly the same style of cheap sunglasses. They all look incredibly, stereotypically gay and annoying. (And I wasn't even there to listen to what must have been them loudly kvetching en masse.)

As a NYC gay/drag icon once said recently about the generic twinks that hang around at a certain Chelsea diner after hours: "Some people just NEED to be gay-bashed."

The guy in the blog is from Boston, now lives in San Francisco. From reading his blog, he does seem to be capable of venturing to Las Vegas on occasion, but... beyond that, paranoia seems to kick in. While in San Francisco, he likes to play men's a GAY league. What, the gay boys can't compete with "real straight men" in a non-orientation-based softball league?

As a gay person, it's embarrassing. (And let me guess...this guy also loooooves Joan Crawford and Madonna...)


Anonymous said...

How insightful and judgemental of you , you must be the best thing since sliced bread.

Beth Austin said...

Why yes, I AM the best thing since sliced (generic dumb gay white boy) bread... ;p

Jon said...

Some things are funny but you just shouldn't say them! However, I probably would have a post about this same topic if I had a blog. I probably wouldn't have singled anyone out though. hah