Saturday, May 24, 2008

"There's snakes upon your ladder and there's dice upon your skirt..."

Speaking of my Summer of '77 in Germany... Aside from the singles that I took home from Smokie/Baccara/Boney M, my actual main interest then was the Bay City Rollers. Their "Sgt. Pepper"---"It's a Game"---had just been released, and the German media was covering them prolifically, from magazine covers to TV appearances. (In the US, they were only minor stars, but in Europe, they were, thankfully to tartan-wearing me, HUGE!) I bought the "It's a Game" LP in Germany---and discovered when I got home and compared it to my Texas friends' versions of the same album, that the German version included pages of photos to flip through, which the US albums didn't have!

I just now searched YouTube for "It's a Game," not thinking I'd find anything... And, lo and behold, here's this coooooool video, from May 1977! I didn't even know they made videos back then! This title single was a big hit in Europe, but never released in the US. In the US, the singles from the album were "The Way I Feel Tonight" and "You Made Me Believe In Magic"---both Top 20, but rather generic.

Aside from the song "It's a Game," my other favorite song from the album was "Inside a Broken Dream," written by Eric---in junior high, we were supposed to turn in a poem for English class, and I used those lyrics. At 12, I thought they were the saddest, most profound thing...

Turn the pages of a broken dream
Smiling faces have they ever seen
Empty hallways will they ever end
The fool again

Masquerading in a hyper dream
(Such a sad affair)
fading shadows talk of their machine

Through the haze another cigarette
So much to say and to forget

And inside a broken dream I cry
Is love the reason why
And inside a broken dream I stare
At love that is not there

Life begins with your head in the dark
(Looking out looking in)
The chord of life reveals the final spark
It takes you nowhere
And nowhere takes you back again

And inside a broken dream I cry
Is love the reason why
And inside a broken dream I stare
At love that is not there

Anyway, here's the neat "It's a Game" video---May 1977!

And just for fun, their 1974 TV video for "Summerlove Sensation"---looooove that song! :)


Anonymous said...

Very awesome... love both of these! I could say thank you for the flashback memory, but since I still listen to this stuff all the time, I'll just say thanks for the post!

Beth Austin said...

I'm listening to the "Dedication" CD right now as I write this! ("Rock'n'Roller" is on.) So far, the only BCR CDs I have: Greatest Hits, Dedication, and Rollin'... For a while, I was actively seeking cheap Japanese CDs on eBay, but not recently... I REALLY want "It's a Game" on CD! (Eventually all of them.)