Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sorry, Hill

Whew. What a long haul. Looks like Hillary didn't manage to pull it off... I'll vote for Obama in the fall, just as I've voted for every Democratic candidate, however crappy, since I first came of voting age in 1984 with Walter Mondale.

In '84, as a freshman in college, I actively worked for Gary Hart's campaign, including driving in his motorcade when he visited Austin! By the end of that campaign season, after Hart won California and was close to Mondale in the delegate count, the "superdelegates" kicked in for Mondale and denied Hart the nomination. Back then, there wasn't any media issue about "young people" or "black people" potentially throwing a tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted (though Hart had a huge college following). Since I had to "suck it up" back then, I'm now, at 42, completely annoyed about and dismissive of the "threat" of kids and blacks whining about not getting their way.

I fear Obama has the same problem that Kerry had in '04, Gore had in '00, Dukakis had in '88, Mondale had in '84... No balls.

War veteran Kerry got defeated by draft-dodger Bush in '04, AFTER the memory of the 2000 election being stolen??? Speaking of 2000... Gore caved in and didn't challenge the blatantly incorrect and political verdict of the Supreme Court??

Since the Democrats were such utter wimps, I almost don't blame the Republicans for out-muscling and out-maneuvering them in the elections.

Obama has a problem similar to Kerry's and Gore's and Dukakasis's: He's got nothing to say. "Change" and "Bringing people together" are silly, shallow slogans. As Time magazine's Charles Krauthammer said, "Anyone who's been around the block even once can see past that." White people (aka, "dumb, guilt-ridden liberals") fell for it because Obama was/is good-looking and smooth-talking...and black. Obama, in actuality, has not made any changes or created any consensus while in the Senate. He was in the US Senate only about a year before he announced he was running for President. While he was denouncing Hillary for being ambitious, he was himself the very epitome of crass ambition, all the while pretending not to be ambitious.

Like I said, I'll vote for him. I suspect, though, that the 2008 election will be similar to the McGovern/Nixon race of '72: Obama will get his gentlemanly ass kicked.


Anonymous said...

Be a good dyke now, stick to Clinton's guns, don't write her off just yet. And I must laugh - you tell me to stay away from this blog while you as "angelplay" CONTINUE to post outrageously malicious trashy lies about me on LJ's vintage_photo?? And you STILL think I might be interested in you in a romantic way??? Just goes to show that you are crazy AND evil. Good riddance!

Beth Austin said...

Julie, the grain of truth in what you said above is that I did indeed post as "angelplay" on Live Journal's Vintage Photo site---to decry your posting RE a vintage picture of a little girl, probably 5 years old, as a "bitch in training." You constantly make such comments there about girls/women of all ages, while claiming to be a woman yourself.

I have deep doubts about how much of a "woman" you are. No real woman would ever call a 5-year-old girl a "bitch." No real woman would e-mail another woman, as you did to me, "i want to watch you get raped."

I do believe that you finally had your sex-change operation. But..."Not having a penis" doesn't equal "being a woman." Having breasts implanted and your adam's apple removed doesn't equal "being a woman." In this day and age, anyone can have their physical appearance altered in whatever ways they choose.

But the fact remains: Your PSYCHE is still that of a disturbed gay man with psycho-sexual problems. No operation is capable of changing that fact about you, sorry to say. Aside from your bizarre antipathy toward 5-year-old girls, there're also your ongoing attempts online to come on to teenaged gay males.

While knowing you online, I've seen this pattern over and over again---you start out acting like a "motherly friend" to these boys, but soon the "friendship" turns to weird sexual innuendos and even, in the worst-case-scenario (you know who I'm talking about), to repeated phone calls to the boy's house! (After which he repeatedly told you to leave him alone.)

I find it very hard to believe that a "straight woman," as you claim to be, would spend so much time stalking young gay men.

As for your claim that I'm STILL "interested in you in a romantic way"... Honey, back in 2001 when we first met online, and perhaps for a couple of years afterward, I did think your online persona was intelligent and interesting and, yes, sexy. Since around 2003 or so, though, your online actions became increasingly creepy, and our direct communication stopped.

Let me say for the record: Middle-aged gay guys who live at home with their mothers and come on to gay teenagers (and talk about raping women) are decidedly NOT a turn-on to me.

You've, according to your own claims, been institutionalized several times, have tried to commit suicide several times. I believe you when you say you're unhappy. Back in 2001 or so, I liked you and tried to befriend you and make you feel happy...

I remember one time back then you wrote to me in seeming amazement, "You really like me!" I remember thinking at the time, "Well, DUH! Of course! Why wouldn't I?" Since then, you've shown me exactly "why wouldn't I."

Sadness, I can handle. Neurosis, I can handle. A man wanting to be a woman, I can handle.

Psychotic desires to rape women and to come on sexually to teenaged boys, I can NOT handle.

Call me "crazy and evil."