Monday, May 12, 2008

Destrulibido, aka "Why I Like Julie So Much"

Because she's just fuckin' funny.

Julie's video contribution RE Hillary (stop it, I hate you, I can't stop laughing):


And then here's:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Love was tried but not true...":


With this Cleo's response:


Anonymous said...

We were so good together that first year, ages ago -I was in a state of infatuation, as were you. But much of the premise for that infatuation was that it never enter the real world - I never intended it to become that way, and voiced it, too. Then it all turned ugly. Yet for that one golden year we brought out the best in one another. I never meant to hurt you, but you were one driven jealous guy... Time to say goodbye now, love. If fate is kind we will find someone else to lay back in the arms of...
I feel calm about you now at long last, Steffie.


Beth Austin said...


And thank you for at last admitting publicly that it was mutual!

As for things continuing beyond that first "golden year"... Hey, don't act like you have innocently been trying to mind your own business since 2002! Since then, there have been plenty of e-mails and blog posts here from you, not to mention the sudden "Neil is my new best friend"... (You KNOW the reason for the latter was not the guy's sparkling wit--ha!--or delightful capacity for friendship, but solely just to goad me.)

Anyway, I have always liked you. I don't know if you're capable of happiness, because you always seem to throw it away when you do have it, but I do wish you peace.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Stephanie. I am not sure of what I'm capable of. Maybe you are right. Maybe The Lonesome Road is the road destined for us - I don't know. Peace. At Long Last Love. Sealed With a Kiss. Goodbye.

Beth Austin said...

You're 15, Julie, in your head, and I'm 42.

When I said I "liked you" I meant that I really liked you. Not that "Maybe the Lonesome Road is the Road Destined For Us." Or "Peace. At Long Last Love. Sealed With a Kiss. Goodbye." All of that's trite and creepy to me, since it sounds like 16-year-old school kids speaking!

Good luck with your high-school boys---in the meantime, please leave ME alone!

Anonymous said...

Say what?? You KNOW that my only Internet crush was directed at Michael of Calif., heterosexual, 43 yrs old. I will never meet you nor touch you, thank God. If I were to turn lesbian in the foreseeable future, you would be at the very bottom of my list. And please, stop answering yourself - as another person - on this your blog, it's sad and pathetic beyond belief. Not to mention cooking up fake comments from Neil and I. God, you make me sick!

Beth Austin said...

Well, no, I hadn't heard of "Michael of California." All I knew about was the teenaged boys online that you were trying to teach how to wrestle!

When I first met you online, I thought you were a woman, since you presented yourself as that. Turned out you were a middle-aged gay guy with a fetish for teenaged boys.

Given your preferences, don't know why you maintained communication with me. Or why you continue to contact me today.