Monday, June 02, 2008

Creepy Stalker Neil Maciejewski

A couple of days ago, I posted web"master" Neil Maciejewski's phone number, after his umpteenth creepy post to this blog---asking people to call him and tell him to quit his ongoing stalking of me, my parents, my friends, and members of the Joan Crawford message board that I moderate...

In response, Maciejewski chose to contact a 17-year-old male Joan fan from the Joan Crawford message board, saying that he had a private detective on the case and was going to prosecute both this kid and me for giving out his phone number... That's pretty psycho for a couple of reasons.

One...Neil Maciejewski posted both his home phone number and home address publicly on Facebook. Which is where I got the information. Now, how on earth can someone prosecute anyone for "revealing" information that the person already posted himself?

Two...This teenager that Neil Maciejewski e-mailed has been receiving numerous unwanted e-mails from Maciejewski for months now and has repeatedly asked Maciejewski to stop e-mailing him, even having to go as far as changing his e-mail address to avoid Maciejewski's messages. He had nothing to do with the Facebook phone number, yet Maciejewski immediately looked for an excuse to e-mail him...

Neil Maciejewski: STOP YOUR OBSESSIVE STALKING, you psycho creep! (You constantly and publicly claim that you have such a healthy home-life... If so, then perhaps it would be truly healthier if you spent more time participating in your alleged "healthy" relationships than bothering strangers online. From the way you behave on the Internet, you'd think you lived alone in your mother's basement with only pictures of the American Idol contestants and Madonna for company.)

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