Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Leos Rising

Despite this uber-gay "Time" magazine cover, congrats to Barack Obama (Leo--August 4) for winning the Democratic nomination. Of course I'm going to vote for him, despite my preference for Hillary. I've always voted on issues, not on personality. (Please: Walter Mondale. Michael Dukakis. John Kerry. Despite them, I was always politely there.)

I was heartened by being able to compare the speeches given by Obama and John McCain tonight. McCain's face was a horrible rictus. I liked the guy back in 2000. In fact, in the Texas Republican primary in 2000, when Gore didn't have any competition in his Democratic primary and so was safe, I crossed over to vote for McCain over George Bush. McCain USED to be a "maverick." Since 2000, though, he's sold his soul to suck up to George Bush and the right-wing of the party. I have no respect left for him.

A few weeks ago, I was proclaiming dramatically, "Oh, Obama is going to be just like McGovern..." (Because of the '72 candidate's similar overt liberalism and overt appeal to young people, which came to naught---since historically young people never show up at the polls at the same rate as other age categories.) Obama's as liberal as McGovern, sure... but he's also "cooler" and tougher. Truly, he's got nothing at all to say, and McCain really does "deserve" the job more, based on qualifications, as did Hillary... but things are so completely fucked up in America right now that I think people might just throw up their hands and vote for Obama for the hell of it. I hope they do. What an exciting experiment!

In other "Leo rising"/"exciting experiment" news:

Samantha Ronson (Leo--August 7)--- Also a case of: What the hell!

Kathy Griffin has her "gays," I have my "Leos" that I wish all luck to!

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