Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now THIS is romantic! :)

From the Washington Post:

Marry You? Just Ax Me

One of the lesser-known reasons behind the opposition to same-sex
marriage: The gays are going to totally upstage the straights when it
comes to outrageous, attention-getting public marriage proposals. We
got a little dose of this toward the end of D.C. Capital Pride Week
when Joe Matessa, 38, proposed to Billy Molasso, 37, at an outdoor
screening of the Joan Crawford kitsch-horror classic "Strait-Jacket"
at Hillwood Estate Friday, in front of 300 people waving
glitter-covered plastic hatchets (Crawford plays an ax murderer) and
wire hangers. (Matessa, full disclosure, works in ad sales at The
Post; his boyfriend is a professor at GWU. They'll have a commitment
ceremony in the fall.) JumboTron? How quaint.


Really, I find this incredibly romantic!! This is exactly how I'd love to be proposed to!


Anonymous said...

maybe this love and hate cost us more than we could pay. all we wanted were to be loved. but we are damaged beyond repair, i fear. dreams are all we have. so be it. by fighting on and on we hurt ourselves more than the other party, then better dream.

Beth Austin said...

Speaking only for myself, I think I was simplistically honest when I said that I basically want someone I can shout the lyrics to 'Big Balls' or 'Sandra Dee' with without feeling stupid.

In terms of "us" lately, Julie... I wish that you would have let me be a support for you during your operation. I wish that you had been a support for me during my difficult transition to New York.

There wasn't ever anything that was that difficult.

Beth Austin said...

I forgot to say that that Carol Kidd song was very pretty and delicate. Your delicacy is one of the things that I've always loved about you. I'm sorry for trampling over it whenever I didn't understand it.