Monday, June 23, 2008

Spending warm summer nights in cars...

Last weekend around 3:30 a.m. some (what I assume were) teenagers parked their car across from my house and started having sex. (I know they were having sex 'cause when they first parked, they accidentally triggered the car-horn, which made me get up and look out the window; and then they left their low parking lights on, so I could see them in action!)

While I was looking out the window at them, I kept saying to myself: "Don't be a bitch. Let them have their fun." Which was countered by, "Fuckin' hell. It's 3:30 in the morning. I have the right to watch my movie in peace without these fuckin' weirdos showing up FUCKING LOUDLY outside my window!" I put my shoes on in anticipation of my running outside with a huge flashlight (which I don't have) to shine on them. I contemplated calling 3-1-1 with a noise complaint.

I ended up doing nothing but sitting back down on my couch, watching the movie (can't remember what it was) sporadically while getting back up constantly to peer out at what the car-sex-people were doing, and if they were gone yet. (Really, I couldn't see much of what they were doing---just a lot of bobbing---but I was anxious for them to leave so I could get back to my peaceful movie-watching!)

When I was in grad school, I read a story in some college lit magazine about how neighbors who complained about loud sex next door were, of course, prudish and sex-starved and jealous and prejudiced name it. I related completely to the angry neighbors annoyed at the loudness!

The car-sex also flashed me back, though, to a time in Austin when I was expecting my lover to show up and he was extremely late, and in the meantime my duplex neighbor and her boyfriend were going at it---LOUDLY (and saying stupid things). My lover called, and I told him, "I'm sick of listening to them! I'm about to bang on the wall if you don't get over here right NOW!" He cutely was worried about me being rude to them---"No, don't do that!" (And then hurried his late ass over to calm me down!) :)

Should I be pissed at obnoxious people parking in front of my house to have sex? I think in general that yes, I should. Being good-natured about others having a good time is kindly, indeed. But then there's the, "I'm doing my own thing in my own house, don't intrude on it" part of it. (Or, more specifically, "If you're going to be fucking and I'm not, then do it QUIETLY as long as you're right next door or right across the street," dammit!) ;p


In semi-related news: In the past week I've had two pretty graphic dreams---one about sitting on the parents' couch and not being able to stop smiling; one about somebody (not me) waking up the parents in the next room. ;p

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