Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Ballad of Steph and Julie

At first, I was looking for a serious version of Yoko Ono's "Give Me Something" on YouTube... I found instead this brother-sister team doing "an interpretive dance" to the song. Which, to me, at 7am after a night of drinking, seemed pretty indicative overall of our last 7 years.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't suck your goddamn cunt if I were suffocating and there were oxygen in your ovaries!!

Beth Austin said...

"But...but...that's not what you said last night while we were dancing in our video!" ;p

I'm a believer in "7-year-cycles" and I do believe that this one has come to its close.

I've always thought that Julie's mind was interesting, that her thought processes were unlike anyone else's...

Over the years, though, our 7-year online communication deteriorated into the above kind of thing. There'd be moments of clarity, then...the above kind of crude thing.

Is the frequent "cunt" language a form of Tourette's? Is Julie freaked out by non-hetero sexuality? After all, Julie had been a gay guy, had had the operation to become a girl...and now here she was involved with a girl online, and clearly constantly disturbed by it.

I used to ponder what Julie's exact problem was, but... After 7 years of the same exact ongoing drama?

Boring as shit.

One 7-year-cycle over, thank goodness.