Friday, July 11, 2008

"...getting out of one car and getting into another..."

It's funny that whenever you really feel sad, if you want to get anyone to listen to you, you have to act like you're not sad. You have to, instead, act "melancholy" or "blue" or "whimsical" or something. Something palatable. So someone can picture you as Audrey Hepburn, perhaps.

People are repulsed by overt and overabundant tears, by truly upset looks, and especially by snot. But they always do seem to feel terribly moved by a slight tear in the voice or a geisha-like sideways glance downward.

If you happen to be writing in your blog, people also like to see a piece of art illustrating your fleeting melancholy. Even better is an emotionally evocative YouTube musical clip to accompany your words.

Here's yer clip, motherfuckers.

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