Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Job-hunting---not all bad!

Though I did practically nothing but lie on my couch for months after my last in-house project ended, and I didn't bother looking for work because the idea seemed too strenuous... Now that I'm putting myself out there again, I'm remembering one of the interesting things about looking for work---the concept of what might be your new life!

Back in Austin, I was a copy editor for an educational publishing company. There weren't any "real" publishing companies in Austin, just the educational ones, so that's what I did... When I came to NYC last year, I thought FOR SURE I'd immediately break into the fiction/poetry world...Nope. What I got initially was a lot of groggy late-night temp proofing shifts (midnight to 8am shift) for legal firms, and then, a long-term gig as a copy editor for...AN EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. Not complaining, though. That job paid a crazy amount of money, almost triple what I made at a similar job in Austin! (Way more than making up for how expensive housing is here.)

Depressingly (due to the loss of massive income), that's done with, though, and now I'm on the job hunt again, in the meantime doing temp work that will decidedly not pay my bills. I'm nervous, but the kind-of fun thing is the type of jobs I've been applying for---here in NYC, unlike Austin, there are a VAST number of editing/copy editing/proofing jobs up for grabs in all sorts of interesting NON-EDUCATIONAL fields. One job description I read mentioned: "must know Jackson Pollock's most famous novel and the style in which Tom Wolfe painted"----I freaked out when I read that: "Damn, I had no idea that Pollock ever wrote a novel!" and "What the fuck? Tom Wolfe PAINTED?" (The fucker who wrote the job description was just messin'! I got him/her back, though---turns out there really IS a "Tom Wolfe" (not THE) who paints...Western scenes! I mentioned that in my cover letter!)

Since I'm not quite out of money yet, the above is still funny. I've also been applying for various (only in New York) jobs at gossip and soap magazines and papers. I would absolutely LOVE to proof for, say, the "Post"! Seriously. Compare dumbing down historical or literary text for a 6th-grader and his/her state text approvers with the wonderful anarchy of writing/editing gleefully idiotic stuff for "Page Six"!

That's the thing about TRYING...You may not get what you're wishing for, but in the meantime it's fun to fantasize about! (And at the end, you can say you tried.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Good luck on the job search...you will find the right one-hang in there.

Thought of you the other day when Lindsay was mentioned---remembered how much you liked her.

Take care and again, best of luck securing the new postion.