Friday, July 04, 2008

"She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh..."

In Austin during the spring and summer of 2003 I was completely smitten by this woman. After weeks of hanging around her at various parties, we finally hooked up at a club and we hung out all night and she asked me over... We stayed up all night talking about the Black Dahlia, and I watched as she did her nails... She had to work the next day and when it was time to go to bed, I volunteered to sleep on the couch downstairs, but she said, "Don't be silly" and invited me upstairs to her bed... TO SLEEP! :)

Two weeks later, she attended her high school reunion and three months after that, she ran off with a guy she met there to get married. (Prior to the "running off" there was plenty of Sturm und Drang...I acted pretty badly.)

We're back in touch now, oddly.


Anonymous said...

Oh, hon. Goin' thru all this trouble jus' in a futile attempt to try and make me jealous? Alright, I'm givin' it to ya, I'm in a generous mood tonite. But what you need is, pardon the pun, is to grow a couple of balls, babe, if you catch my drift, that is ./. :-))

Just as to make it crystal clear to ya -

Love always,
Julie L

Beth Austin said...

Julie, only a guy would think that picture you linked to was sexy. I don't care if you've "had your operation"---you still think and act exactly like a gay guy.

As for trying to make you jealous---um, no, it just happens that my former friend and I got back in touch over the weekend, and I liked that publicity photo of hers. She is gorgeous---and all that without a nose job or having to have her adam's apple removed! ;p

Anonymous said...

Now that I've given it some thought, you really may be right, fat femme wannabe(this femme thing is so sadly out of your reach, though - *wipes a couple of tears of Gold*) Last night I dreamed that Neil fuc*ed me in the ass so good, real good; the dream actually produced a stupendous orgasm! Ahhh, how wonderful - to be able retain my gayness, and still appear like a woman to the World - I have the best of all worlds, appealing to And enjoying ALL categories as long as I find someone HAWT, that is(sorry, you're NAWT :). I'm a lucky gal, and I praise my makerS - that is, honeybutch, if you catch my drift... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZZZZZZZZZ :-)))))))))))))))))))

Beth Austin said...

Honey, Ridickless Neil's not capable of fucking anyone in the ass. That must have been you doing the fucking with your phantom prick.