Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a lucky punk...

...Samantha Ronson is! ;p


Mike said...

She's just going to piss off the wrong lesbian/straight guy one day... I think we know what the lesbians/straight guys thought of Barbara Stanwyck everytime she and Joan were photographed holding hands together... But Lindsay looks to cute in that bottom picture by the birthday cake!

Beth Austin said...

I think it's kind of gallant of the press to, for now, give Lindsay/Ronson a free ride RE their relationship. (The mainstream TV press like "E!" at least---I haven't been reading Perez or TMZ lately.) Though the Post here in NYC has constant reports of where the two were last seen kissing in the city!

As a bi woman, I kind of hate to see Ronson sometimes forced to walk 10 steps behind Lindsay---but also think there would be a big "straight guy" backlash that would hurt Lohan's career if the two were to just "come on out" publicly.

I also like that cute cake picture a lot! That's what's so striking about LiLo---she can look both angelic AND depraved! ;p