Monday, July 07, 2008

"Some balls are held for charity..." b/w "Sandra Dee"

When I was 12, 13, 14 (in the mid/late '70s) and stuck out in the Texas countryside, music did manage to filter through to the hinterlands via movies and FM radio! My neighbor Marla was a year younger than I was, and we loved both "Sandra Dee" from "Grease" and "Big Balls" from AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" album and would go around singing them at the top of our lungs! To this day, I know every word of the "Sandra Dee" song! (Marla and I also once put on a "Grease" show on her front porch for the neighborhood kids, with her lip-synching the Olivia Newton-John parts, and me the John Travolta parts---we looooooved that whole album!)

Marla was cool--- We went to church camp together and got mutually kicked out for not wearing bras. (Please, we were in the 14-year-old exciting could that have been for the other camp-goers?) I do feel guilty, though, for one incident at church camp----All of us kids were supposed to go out into the woods by ourselves and think about our sins... Marla and I ended up teaming up and running around terrorizing lone girls and boys who really were out there to think about their sins, yelling obnoxiously at them, "What are your sins? Tell us your sins!"

She also had a trampoline over at her house, and in the summer we would both lie out on it to get a tan, most of the time topless. My mom worked during the day, but her mom was at home and had friends over sometimes... One time said friends happened to look out the back window while Marla and I were sitting up chatting on the trampoline without our tops... Uh-oh! No more sun-bathing! :)

She and I also liked KISS together---she was always Ace Frehley, and I was always Gene Simmons. We'd make our little brothers be Paul and Peter. And we'd invent whiteface KISS makeup by smearing toothpaste on our faces and then slapping powder on top.

All of us neighborhood kids would often get together in the summer evenings to play softball, or to run relay races, sometimes with the parents taking part... Whenever there were two teams, everyone else started to try to separate us: "Stephanie and Marla can't be on the same team." That was just always something immediately thrown out as a rule by other older people.

Once we both were in high school, Marla started dating a lot of boys. She told me about one boy that she'd had sex with... One night we neighborhood kids were sitting outside in a circle playing "Truth or Dare," with 3 of Marla's cousins in the circle. Her cousin Ginny Mae asked Marla a "Truth" question about if she'd had sex... Nobody in the circle knew the truth but me. Marla slightly glanced up at me; I slightly shook my head back at her, "NO." The official answer came back to the circle: "NO."

There wasn't ever a "sex vibe" or anything between us (oh, wait---then why were they always kicking us out of church camp and off trampolines and out of softball games...!), but there was always a complete "friend vibe," an "I trust you, let's do something crazy" vibe. I miss someone to sing "Big Balls" and "Sandra Dee" with.

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