Friday, July 25, 2008

Waylon and Willie and the Boys...

I've got my cable music station turned to "Classic Country." and "Luckenbach Texas" by Waylon Jennings just came on. I LOVE that song and so ran to YouTube so I could post it here.

Back when I was in San Francisco in the mid-90s working on my Master's Degree in poetry, I had a tiny, loud apartment, and so would try to escape it whenever I could. I found a comfortable bar a few streets away. Never too crowded during the day, always a couple of tables where I could spread out all of my work without bothering anyone. I'd go there almost every week, and I'd always put a ton of money in the jukebox for inspiration... The cool thing was, the jukebox wasn't "San Francisco Pseudo-Hip" but rather filled with lots of interesting standards, including plenty of Waylon-n-Willie.

After a couple of weeks of me sitting there scribbling and shuffling around papers and plugging in $5 worth of country songs on the jukebox, the bar owner finally came over and sat down to check me out. His name was/is "Whitey" (and he'd actually known Neal Cassady and hung out with those Beat-boys back in the day!). After that, every time I'd come in, I'd get free beers, since he said my jukebox choices were so good! :)

The best feedback I got while I was in San Francisco!

The songs I was playing were why I like Texas, the kind of men I like about Texas. Ruffian poets. I've never been able, personally, to connect with such, but I admire them from afar. They don't exist in New York City or San Fran, that's for sure.

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