Monday, August 11, 2008

Best of...wha?

A few days ago, a member of the "Best of Everything" Joan Crawford message board was in Bedford, Texas, getting her motorcycle license.

She was chatting with one of her classmates; he asked her name, and when she told him, he said, out of the blue: "Are you part of that Joan Crawford site? 'Best of...whatever'?" Turned out he was a reader of the website and the message board and recognized her name!

What the hell! :)

I've been approached in public maybe three times: "Are you Stephanie?" But that was at specific Joan Crawford events, where I'd guess that maybe a website reader or two would be there and recognize me from the photos I'd posted on the site...

What are the chances of a random guy recognizing your message-board name out in Bedford, Texas, in a setting that has nothing to do with Joan Crawford, though??

How cool is that?!

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