Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Good Fight?

Just in from the AP:

GORI, Georgia – Russia said Monday it had begun withdrawing from the conflict zone in Georgia, but it held fast to key positions and sent some of its troops in the opposite direction — closer to the Georgian capital....


It's an odd psychological phenomenon for me to again read stuff like that, having spent the formative years of my youth with Russian/US conflict as the news backdrop. (I was 15 when Reagan got elected in 1980, and our countries' mutual aggression was at the forefront of everyone's consciousness until the USSR's dissolution in, what was it, '91?)

Since, especially, 9/11, "terrorism" has been the foremost "evil" that the US government was battling. (Invading Iraq was completely squirrelly---absolutely no cause for us to ever be there. Saddam, dictator that he was, was secular and his country harbored no Muslim terrorists.) So, for the past 7 or 8 years, there's been this "shadow war" going on---few, if any, clearly defined battles, just clandestine bombings and our various retaliations (and our sleazy tortures at prisoner-of-war camps).

So, the "odd psychological phenomenon" now for me is that I have a bizarre feeling of relief (almost) at the big Russian bear coming out of hibernation. A clear-cut case of their aggression in Georgia, a clear-cut enemy in full military uniform, with tanks---rather than secretive turban-clad operatives running around hiding in caves and sending retarded women to bomb marketplaces. (Now, obviously, I'm not "relieved" at what Russia is currently doing. It's scary. However, it's also a known quantity that the US can fight against, up-front and head-to-head. With a sense of moral "rightness," unlike what my country has been doing in Iraq for the past 8 years. The US has been the dominant world military power since 1991---the lack of any official "check" to us since then led to a GREAT abuse of power with our invasion of Iraq.)

I completely decry what Russia is now doing in Georgia. Yet it's also a wake-up call to the US to concentrate on the battles that matter rather than wasting resources occupying a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

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