Saturday, August 09, 2008

In Today's News

When I opened up my Yahoo mail today, I saw some pretty stupid stuff in what's supposed to be the "News" section. These weren't in an "Entertainment News" section, but rather, just in the main "News News" part.

(1) Bernie Mac Dies at Age 50

(2) McConaughey to Plant Son's Placenta in Orchard

(3) Senator. Vice Presidential Nominee. Leading Presidential Candidate. Political Outcast.


(1) Who the fuck actually cares if Bernie Mac is dead? The guy was pure filler.

(2) ...... [Someone decided this should even be mentioned ANYWHERE? Fire the little intern fuck---immediately.]

(3) While John Edwards' affair was being endlessly "analyzed" on MSNBC/CNN/FOX Friday afternoon, the Russians were attacking Georgia, a US ally. All of the stations would briefly mention the "Georgia thing," then go back to their full-coverage "analysis" of John Edwards: His wife has cancer! (And she was in remission when he had the affair!) What if he'd been the Democratic nominee! OH MY GOD!

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