Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Julie: Are You Sincere?

Two weeks ago, you say "Let's try." I'm all for that.

So where the fuck are you?

As I mentioned before, this blog is not the forum for our personal communications. My e-mail addresses are not a secret to you. If you do indeed want to try, then e-mail me privately, and stop this public bullshit.

I really do have the patience of a saint in your case, but I'm also getting fed up with the constant bullshit. Don't say you want contact and then disappear for two weeks.

Act with some fucking integrity, like an adult and not a 19-year-old. (Yeah, I've read the literature about being mentally blocked at a certain age. Get...the...fuck...over...it. Seriously. Stop being a poster-child for gay/trans regression. That kind of stereotype is old and boring as shit.)


CA said...

Well I really have to say, its time for you to D.T.B. (dump that bitch!) Seriously! you should be too old for the kind of stuff she's putting you through, still getting enticed in this womans (an that term is used loosely) 14 year old mind games. I mean the whole thing plays out constantly like the drama of a high school crush, middle school even.

I only say it because...it just seems like you have so much more opprotunities out there (and are certainly Way better off than she is as far as life productivity goes) your living in New York City, one of the most active places in the world, there's plenty of *real* nature-made ladies you could meet! ...or many other crazy trannies too for that matter, if thats what you really want ;p

But Julie shouldnt even be a part of your world anymore, yet like a cancer she seems to continue to spread around, and all from behind her computer. You should let that thing wallow away whats left of her existance in Norway or where-ever she is now and build yourself a new without her.

Anonymous said...

I've been institutionalized for 9 days, and now I have the weekend off - I've been off line. I'm unstable - like Louise in "Possessed." And there's nothing grand about that. It sucks. Given the chance, you know I'd be a brilliant actress, though. Sadly, that chance can't stand a cat's chance in hell of coming true. Yeah, my aim was true.

Beth Austin said...

If you want to tell these things to me, then e-mail them to me privately, Julie.