Saturday, August 02, 2008

McCain's Idiotic Ad/Obama in Berlin

While I think Obama is relatively shallow, what I think about him personally has nothing to do with this utterly idiotic McCain ad.

Yes, I'm pissed that Obama's "rock star" image got him the Democratic nomination with the support of milque-toast hyper-liberal democrats, who for some reason were uber-critical of Hillary for no real reason. (I absolutely am disgusted by MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, Mika Brszinski (sp?), and Chris Matthews now. They're idiots.)

But when it comes down to it, Obama's positions on the issues used to be much, much closer to mine than John McCain's. McCain is one of the most right-wing Senators, despite his occasional realistic views on immigration, or campaign-finance reform.

What's creepy about both candidates: McCain (a torture victim himself) used to be against torture; now he's for it. Obama used to be against federal wiretapping; now he's for it. And, just today, Obama announced that he's suddenly for off-shore drilling---when he used to be against it.

Both McCain and Obama are phony scumbags as campaigners. Though I did get goosebumps when I saw Obama speak in Berlin.

He seems to promise so much goodness and hope...You want to believe, but then you look at the fakeness of what he's been promising and not promising on the campaign trail...There's just slightly enough "there" there to keep you hoping.

I'd like to be proud if he were our President. But not if he follows the same old blind pro-Corporate, pro-Israel policies. Someone, anyone, has got to break free of that old way of thinking. Big Business is completely profit-oriented. Israel is completely an apartheid state, with Israelis and then the Palestinians who do the work for them.

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