Monday, September 08, 2008


Lindsay and Samantha Ronson at Fashion Week this week in NYC. (p.s. I walked by the famous "fashion week" tent set up in Bryant Park today... It looks really tiny from the outside! There were lots of media trucks parked on the surrounding streets, and lots of people milling about in the surrounding park...but "Bryant Park" itself is very small---just a block wide---and the famous tent only takes up maybe a quarter of it. As I was walking by the outskirts, I looked and looked for Lindsay, or ANY famous person for that matter, but alas, did not see!) ;p

Seeing pictures of "Lindsay and Sam," though, just put me in a good mood in general. There's so much "trendy lesbo stuff" in the media---oh, like "Madonna-and-Britney-kissing!" or the "edgy" "I Kissed a Girl" song! Etc. Etc. Blah. It's mostly manufactured and annoying fake kid stuff, posing as lesbians just to get some attention.

I like seeing Lindsay and Samantha Ronson pictures because they usually look like they're actually having a good time together---either laughing at something, or making weird faces, or holding each other, or just looking mutually blankly at the camera like, "WHAT do you want?" They're not posing for anything. They're just together.

Which is actually pretty big psychological news for everyone else watching: It's not like "goofy Ellen" or "butchy Rosie" or "butchy Melissa"---- I don't know that there's a big "announcement" necessary for the media, since what LL and SR are to each other is pretty evident. As it should be.

The two have also been pretty active on their blogs lately, which is interesting to see, since celebs don't usually put themselves out there for others to comment on, blog-wise! Their messages intertwine emotionally. When they've been apart, they miss each other. And one big thing in the past couple of days has been Lindsay's dad, Michael, acting up in public, claiming that Samantha is only with Lindsay because she wants to write a book (!). I love both of their honest responses on their blogs to his asshole-ness and cluelessness. (And I also like seeing their music choices for the day or hour. Like real teenagers on a real blog!)

Here's Lindsay's real blog link:

And here's one of her songs for Samantha:

(How lucky she is to put her emotions out there and not be stomped on as a result... She's got a woman who loves her.)

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